Our Paint

At Border Automotive, we can supply paint for almost any job. We spacialise in a wide range of paint systems from primers to topcoats in a range of applications and finishes. We have supplied paint for cars, buses, lorries, caravans as well as UPVC window frames, sculptures and even aeroplanes. Our paint is available in a variety of size options from touch up pots for paint repair, pre-mixed aerosols for small painting jobs all the way up to 5 litre cans. Below is a popular range of our available top coats.

  • Hydrofan Water Base Coat
  • Cellulose Top Coat
  • Mac1 Fast Acrylic Top Coat
  • Mac4 Acrylic Top Coat
  • Mac5 Cellulose Top Coat
  • Solvent Base Coat 

A range of special materials which include colour changing base coat, silver/chromium plating effect paint and various different ink and pearl effect paints is available. These include;

  • Ink basecoats
  • Sparkling glass (chrome reflective finish)
  • Spectra flair base coats (changing colour paint)
  • 2/3 stage pearl effect base coats

A range of clear coats suited for all types of application are available. High solids and ultra high solids along with single pack clear coats. All these come with a range of different activators and thinners to suit individual applications. Below is a popular range of clear coats:

  • MC 422 clear coat
  • Mega lack clear coat
  • MC 411 clear coat
  • 20–07 scratch resistant clear coat
  • RFU clear coat aerosol

 For help and advice on the products that we can supply, please Contact Us